Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple by Hiroshi Fukui

Book title: Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple
Author: Hiroshi Fukui, Ph.D
Fujihiro Kanda, Ph D.
Miki Minamino, Ph D., MBA
ISBN: 978-1-937235-43-7
Page count: 147
Binding: Softcover
Price: $24.95

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Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple

Absolutely Savvy!

That’s what you’ll become after reading Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple!

  • Savvier about what’s in your makeup
  • Savvier about how to take care of your skin
  • Savvier about reading labels and choosing products for YOUR skin type, YOUR needs.

If you are contemplating a career in the beauty industry: makeup artist, esthetician, model, product formulator, beauty writer, makeup sales or marketing … if you ever dreamed of creating your own line of cosmetic products, Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple is your FIRST step in the right direction.

Between the covers of Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple:

  • Short, easy-to-read chapters
  • Fun illustrations and supplemental tables
  • How cosmetics are made
  • Functions of skin
  • Stability and safety issues when developing cosmetics

Cosmetics Made Absolutely Simple by Hiroshi Fukui, a multi-award winner and Fellow Researcher of Shiseido Frontier Research Development Center, is an introductory book about the basics of cosmetics. This book covers the scientific aspects of cosmetics comprehensively. Section 1 describes the definition and history of cosmetics and where they are today. Section 2 addresses the skin and the mechanisms of its five senses. Section 3 introduces the diversity of cosmetic raw materials. In Section 4, the characteristics of cosmetics and how they are made are discussed. Section 5 touches on cosmetic stability, safety and environmental issues. Section 6 looks at functional cosmetics as well as the cosmetics of the future.

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